The Progression

The Progression

Our paddles are designed to make you a better Pickleball player

Starting with our biggest paddle, the “Touch” at 6 and 3/4 inches wide X 17 inches long, you will find it extremely easy to hit the sweet spot as this paddle face is hardly smaller than that of a standard pickleball paddle. This paddle will improve your focus and will give you a faster swing speed as well as improve your hand speed at the net.

The next progression will be the “Quiet” model, this paddle at 6 and 1/2in wide x 17in long will be a seamless transition. When you move to this paddle your swing will be even faster and you will be able to hit balls harder and with more spin that you ever thought possible.

Finally at 6 inches wide the Pkoll “Spoon” is the pinnacle of innovation and performance. This paddle plays like no other, once you have made it here your game has reached a new level and you are smearing the competition with shots that you only dreamt possible.

Some may try the “Spoon” first and decide that this is all they want, while others may enjoy the progression of moving down in paddle size and feeling your game improve with each paddle.

Whether it’s the “Spoon” “Quiet” or “Touch” after playing a Pkoll paddle it’s hard to argue that a smaller face is not the future of the game.