Player Testimonials

Dear Brett;

I’ve played with the spoon for 2 days now. Day 1 was raw. Day 2 I adjusted the paddle per your video with the weight and regrip. Man what a difference! If you buy this paddle beware, you’ll get shamed and people will say I don’t want to play with the guy who is using a “training” paddle. Man though, after a few points a few touches they realize, this guy with the tiny paddle is really good! As the game is becoming dominated by power and quick hands, as seen in the Pro level, people have adjusted with longer paddles, or wider paddles with short grips. I like to call it the era of sledgehammers, but the Spoon is a SCALPEL. It may be down on power, (only) slightly, BUT positioning is EVERYTHING and this thing is so delicate, balanced, yet deadly. The katana of the courts.

The main disclaimer outside of external judgement and onlookers, is the adjustment period. There is definitely and adjustment period and a smaller margin of error when tracking the ball but once you’re in the groove after a day or two this thing makes you into a weapon.

Already have told a few people at my local courts to check you out and try your paddle.