PKOLL Spoon 1 (14mm core)


The PKOLL Spoon 1 is our flagship power paddle. Because of the size of the head, 6” x 10”, and the 14mm core, this paddle has power with incredible touch. With the smaller paddle surface, this paddle rips top spin like no other paddle, and has a faster swing speed than anything on the market. This transfers more power without compromising touch. Don’t be afraid of the size – this paddle is incredibly easy to play. Think of it as a extension of your hand – your mind see things differently with this paddle, making trick shots easy, shot placement a breeze – painting the lines is what this paddle does best.

Kevlar construction


  • Weight ~ 7.7 oz
  • Length 17”
  • Paddle Width 6”
  • Handle 7”
  • Grip 4”
  • Width 14mm


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